In-Play Key Day Reversals

Key Day Bulls:-
HD76.58  chart +0.91%
TWGP2.61  chart +2.35%
NOV81.29  chart +0.72%
Apr 16 16:00
Key Day Bears:-
AM0.00  chartN/A
ENR98.69  chart +1.44%
LCC0.00  chartN/A
ENI16.19  chart +0.94%
BPL76.86  chart -0.19%
PAAS13.06  chart -1.51%
RCL51.11  chart +0.71%
SNP89.88  chart +1.20%
KEM5.54  chart +1.65%
THO62.62  chart -0.35%
KFRC20.72  chart +0.73%
UFS95.83  chart +0.32%
Jan 01 00:00

Welcome to provides a regularly updated selection of  Key Day Reversals for stocks listed on the US share markets.  We provide stock picks based on the reversal pattern and other technical analysis indicators to help you get better results from your share trading.

We use a basic screening methodology to identify Key Day Reversals and then apply a series of analytical criteria to the candidate stocks to rate each of these with our unique KMD Strength Index.

Confused By Technical Analysis?

  • Overwhelmed by the amazing complexity of technical analysis signals and patterns?
  • Don’t know the difference between a Stochastic Oscillator and the Relative Strength Index?
  • Can’t interpret the signal from a Parabolic SAR?
  • Struggling to apply meaningful time frames to the Exponential Moving Average?
  • Wish there was a simple way to determine a Trend Reversal?

There are plenty of trading books and other resources which will help you with the first four, but here at we want to help you with the last one.

That’s because there is a simple pattern to determine a Trend Reversal.  It is called the Key Day Reversal.  We live by the mantra that the Trend is Your Friend and we believe that early detection of a trend reversal is one the most important ways to maximize trading returns.

How We Use The Key Day Reversal

The team at has been using the Key Day Reversal pattern in our market analysis as our predominant early entry signal with amazing success.

The Key Day Reversal pattern on its own can be misleading, but that is not a problem!  Experience has taught us what additional technical analysis and trading indicators, TA signals and chart patterns can best be used to confirm the true Key Day Reversal.  We employ this analysis, and other stock research to calculate and apply our unique KDR Strength Index rating, which we use to determine the strength of each Key Day Reversal pattern.

Nothing, of course, is guaranteed and the simplicity of the general trading rules associated with a Key Day Reversal means that you can easily detect if the reversal signal was false and limit any loss or even change your position.  This often proves to be just as profitable as trading a true Key Day Reversal! is dedicated to identifying and publishing the occurrences of Key Day Reversals and we freely provide our unique KDR Strength Index to assist in your decision making for better trading results.

We do not provide trading advice or trading systems and we take no responsibility for any trading outcome of trades conducted by users of this site.  Use of the site is subject to the Terms of Use.